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Well the actual in mid 2010. The book continues to be within the process to be written. Six a lot of writing a "partially completed" book. With two more books meant to come from then on! It is extremely frustrating to become a fan.
All that negativity aside, there is really a reason fans of his books gripe and vent and still wait after a 4 year hiatus as well as a six year hiatus. The books are simply that good.

I will give him his due, he takes time while he wants to only created an outstanding product.
More positive news is always that there is really a HBO miniseries, which is forthcoming, determined by this series. With the quality of the books, and the quality that HBO does using series, I expect it's going to be great. Perhaps the HBO leg breakers will hold his feet on the fire in completing his novels.
I hope that MR. Martin will decrease his many side projects, convention attendances and book signings and merely get on the writing. This includes minimizing his involvement using the HBO series. Trust it is within good hands, George. There will only have a lot more fans clamoring for his next book release after the series is released. Get to it George, we're waiting.

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